Integrity House Recovery Program

Integrity House Men’s Recovery Program is based upon love and acceptance. We hope to create a warm atmosphere which may help lead men to honesty, integrity, and transparency. Recovery will come when honesty is a priority, first with ourselves, then with God and then with others. We accept men who are off the streets and are homeless or fresh out of prison who are serious about changing their life and willing to do what is needed. We believe that everyone has value and great potential.

We have the hope and faith for others to be set free and to live their lives abundantly.  It is not our job to keep them sober or straight, but, it is our job to love them with respect and lead them to honesty and truth.  God will do the rest!  We teach life skills that will help each man to function and to achieve his goals in life.  Each individual must learn to apply what he is taught.  We do look to Jesus for His divine leading with each of the men’s lives.

Life Skills Offered at Integrity House:

  • Intimacy with Jesus
  • Prayer and Journaling
  • Daily Moral Inventory
  • Proper work ethics
  • Setting short and long term goals
  • Learning to relate to self, others, and family members.
  • Learning to take ownership for wrong decisions
  • Accountability.  Learning to discipline and be disciplined.
  • Budgeting & Financial Accountability
  • Gaining emotional balance
  • Learning new ways to cope

Weekly Meetings:  Nightly classes given

For more information please call (321) 385-2513 or (321) 269-1200

The slides of homes that have been presented on this Web site are used for our men’s program called Integrity House Recovery. The Genesis house stands for new beginnings where the men first come into the program. The Manna House is where these men are fed not only physically but spiritually as well. The Exodus House is where the men who have reached 3rd level move to from the Genesis House.  They have obtained this by accomplishing certain requirements in which they are given more privileges. The Joshua house is for the leadership. Each of these homes have a unique purpose to fulfill the needs of the men. 


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